Llama Rama

Show up on Saturday during Burro Days and you are sure to be entertained by the unique and wonderful llamas and alpacas that grace the streets of Fairplay. Enjoy llama races, funny costumes, obstacle courses for kids and an all-around LLAMAtastic time!

The Llama Rama is the longest running organ and tissue donation awareness event in the state of Colorado. It is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Rural Health, Donor Alliance and Donatelife.org. In 2021, our entries will be limited to twenty teams. For more information or to find out how to register, please call Rocky Mountain Rural Health, 719-836-2169 or email info@rmrh.org.

Llama Lunacy is a fun event just for kids on Front Street and run by the Rocky Mountain Llama Association. This event allows children to lead llamas through a fun little obstacle course for free. It will begin after most of our llamas have come in from the Llama Rama race. No registration needed just show up!
Keep an eye out for our “NEW” event this year that involves llama agility! You can register the day of and it will start on Front Street at approximately 1pm on Saturday!